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We are a group of Motivated Professionals who are somewhere connected to this beautiful city of Aligarh. This city has given all of us a lot, fulfilled lot of our dreams. We have seen how a small town Aligarh has grown up to a Big City now. Earlier this city was known for mostly two things - Aligarh Muslim University and Aligarh Locks. But Now, Aligarh is recognized for more - its Hardware Industry has grown big, we are going to be a SMART City Soon, Beautiful Attractions like Mangalayatan, Shopping Complexes, Good Schoool's, Universities and many more.

Thinking about this Beautiful city, its time for all of us to payback, and we thought to work towards the initiative of "DIGITAL INDIA" and came up with an Idea of bringing our Aligarh family a Bit closure "digitally", and here we are with our small dream "ALIGARH - CITY".


Our Mission is our Pledge !!

We treat our customers as our own family. We want to help them grow in their businesses by providing the best of industry in online and offline market. Customer is always our priority.


We are exceptional in:

1. Advertising
2. Consulting
3. Online Sales
4. Mobile Services
5. Events Marketing
6. Social Activities
7. Photography
8. Videos

More to come - Stay Tuned